Service: Omega Constellation calibre 751

This great 1970s Omega Constellation was sent in by Jim for inspection and a service.

The watch has been serviced 20 years ago, and then spent the whole time in a drawer. Now Jim decided to get it out of the drawer and to wear it again. For this reason he first wanted the watch to be inspected and serviced.

First glance at the movement. (autowinder rotor removed) No scratches, the screw heads have been used before, but carefully enough. The amplitude is  low, and the beat rate is too fast. Inspection via microscope shows, that all the oil has dried up – not surprising after 20 years.

Above you can see several steps, how the movement is disassembled. Once the movement is stripped down, all the parts go into the cleaning machine.

Everything in almost as new condition! I start off by fitting a new mainspring.

The basic movement comes back together again, and is already ticking. Now it`s time for the bottom plate. The date and day ring go back on, and I’m ready for the dial.

Now dial and hands are going on, and I`m ready to case. I case the movement without autowinder rotor.

Oscillating weight  back on and the timegrapher shows a very nice performance. What a difference!

Once the case back is on, the watch is waterproof tested and starts it`s 3-days test run on the autowinder. Last but not least a power reserve test is made, and -if everything works fine- the watch can go back to the customer.

Thank you Jim, for the nice job!

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