Sinn U1 SDR service and repair

This Sinn U1 SDR was sent in by Richard. The watch doesn`t run, and it is up to me to find out why.

After having checked the standart operation like date setting, time setting, bezel movement and so on, I start to disassemble the movement, which is an ETA 2824.2. By  doing so, I notice, that the gear train doesn`t move freely, after I took off the pallet fork. By checking the wheels, I find the culprit: The lower pivot of the third wheel is broken. That can not work. On the pictures below, you see the dismanteling steps.

Below the broken and the new wheel is shown

Once all the parts are cleaned, I start off with a new mainspring and the watch comes back together again step by step.

Now it`s  time to run a waterproof test. My testing limit (I told the client before) is  10 bar. After passing the test, the watch goes on the autowinder for several days.



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