Price List

All prices exclude spare parts. I will fit a new mainspring when servicing your watch, and they cost between £12 and £50 (e.g. for a Rolex original).
All other repair work, including fitting new crystals, is usually included in the service price unless it is extensive. Case and bracelet cleaning is also included in the price, but not polishing.

Waterproof testing is included dry (e.g. in a vacuum) or wet if requested. Please be aware that most vintage watches aren’t waterproof, and can’t be made properly waterproof. This has to do with corrosion of the case and pendant tube, and the rubber gaskets dissolving / disintegrating. These can’t always be replaced (e.g. crown gaskets).

inspection charge £ 30
manual wind, with or without date £ 130
Manual wind, not shock protected £ 140
automatic, with or without date £ 150
complex automatic with or without date, e.g. Rolex, Omega Co-Axial, etc. £ 180
extra charge for monocoque watch cases * £ 40
extra charge power reserve indication £ 30
manual wind chronograph with or without date, no hour recorder £ 210
manual wind chronograph with or without date, with hour recorder £ 230
automatic chronograph with or without date £ 260
Ratrappante additional charge £ 70
Triple date, non-automatic £ 220
Omega Chronostop £ 200
JLC Futurematic £ 240
alarm watches, manual wind £ 200
alarm watches automatic or complex £ 230
fit new balance staff £ 35
re-bush plate or bridge £30 per bush + material
Take old varnish off dial, re-varnish £ 40
new luminous compound on two hands £ 20 as part of a service, £25 otherwise
re-paint hands £ 10 per hand
waterproof testing dry (vacuum test) £ 15
waterproof testing dry and wet £ 40
other complications please ask

* Monocoque cases make our work a lot harder, as there is no movement access after casing, so a final adjustment after testing often involves taking the watch apart again. Monocoques add on average over an hour to the time we spend on a service, so we do have to charge for that.
Postage UK first class signed for £5, special delivery £8, overseas £11. Insurance is not included, as that normally isn’t a good deal. You pay way more than the risk of actually losing the watch in the post is worth. If you want insurance, please let me know.

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