Service: 1960s Cortebert Automatic with Dennson gold case

Gervald sent in this lovely Cortebert Automatic, equipped with a Cortebert Calibre 286 movement, which is based on ETA 2472. Gervald inherited the watch from his father in law, who was a Birmingham City Police officer and got the golden watch as a leaving present, when he was retiring in 1967.

At a first glance, we see an undamaged movement, which is -unfortunately- pretty dirty. For that reason the performance is really poor.

Service means dismanteling and cleaning, so you`ll see the dismanteling steps on the pictures below.

After cleaning all the parts, I fit a new mainspring and put the movement back together again. As the old crown was very ugly, I fited a new one, as well as a new crystal and off course a new back gasket. If you have a look at the performance now, you will see what a huge difference a service can cause. Amazing.

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